Zoom LiveTrak L-8 Digital Mixer for Podcast

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Zoom Livetrak L-8 Digital Mixer for Podcast

The Zoom Livetrak L-8 digital mixer for podcast is a digital mixing console with recorder optimized for podcasting and music production on the go. You can easily start a podcasting or music recording session in minutes.

The Livetrak L-8 can easily handle roundtable podcasts or track multiple musicians thanks to its 6 mic preamps, 4 independent headphone outputs, a tap for dial-in interviews and 6 sound pads. The mixing console runs on AA batteries or a USB power supply.

Record via SD card or stream via USB to a computer or mobile iOS device or both at the same time. The Zoom Livetrak L-8 digital mixer gives you up to 12 channels of simultaneous multi-track recording. Add microphones (dynamic or condenser), plug in headphones and start creating.

The Zoom Livetrak L-8 digital mixer has 6 programmable sound pads that allow you to instantly play effects, music, applause and pre-recorded interviews or commercials. The Livetrak comes with 13 preset sounds and is ready for out-of-the-box production. The telephone tap ensures that you can easily interview a guest who calls in via Skype or Facetime. Connect your smartphone to the 3.5mm TRRS port using the supplied TRRS cable and the L-8 uses a mix-minus function so the caller doesn't hear themselves echo back. Note: Some iOS devices require a Lightning to 3.5mm TRRS Adapter.

The L-8 provides four 6.35mm stereo headphone outputs with independent volume controls and mix knobs. The main headphone output comes from the master output. The remaining 3 headphone outputs can be assigned to the master mix or independent cue mix. Connect the balanced XLR stereo master outputs to a pair of powered speakers for easy monitoring.

You can easily record song demos and live performances with multiple musicians. The L-8's first 2 channels support 1/4" Hi-Z inputs for direct connection of instruments such as guitar and bass. Channels 7 and 8 have 6.35mm line inputs that you use to connect a drum machine or stereo keyboard. Use the remaining inputs (channels 3 to 6) for microphones on sources such as vocals and drums. Four 6.35mm headphone outputs allow you to create a custom mix for any musician.

On AA batteries the operating time of the L-8 is approximately 2 hours, on 1900mAh NiMH batteries approximately 3.5 hours and on lithium batteries approximately 6 hours. A USB cable and the Zoom AD-17 USB AC adapter are included to power the L-8 from the mains. Alternatively, you can power the audio mixer via a power bank.

The Zoom Livetrak L-8 digital mixer records up to 10 individual tracks and a stereo mix to an SD memory card at up to 24-bit/96kHz. You can use the Zoom Livetrak L-8 digital mixer as a 12-input, 4-output audio interface with your computer or iOS device via USB. Punch record and overdub anytime for more complex productions. Optimize the sound of your tracks via built-in effects and each channel's 3-band equalizer and low-cut filter (effects, EQ and overdub functions are not available at 96kHz).

Features of the Zoom Livetrak L-8 digital mixer for podcast:

  • 6 XLR/6.35mm jack mic/line inputs with +48V phantom power
  • 2 TRS line inputs
  • Hi-Z option on channels 1 and 2
  • Microphone amplifiers with -128dBu EIN and +60db max input gain
  • 12 recording tracks and 12 playback tracks
  • 6 assignable soundpads for jingles and sound effects
  • 3-band mid-parametric equalizer, lowcut, panning and 16 effects
  • Record as WAV 44.1/48/96 kHz, 16/24-bit, mono/stereo WAV
  • Record on SD, SDHC, SDXC memory cards (max. 512GB)
  • Can also be used as an audio interface via USB (Mac, Windows, iOS)
  • LCD display
  • Built-in metronome
  • Dimensions: 26.8 x 28.2 x 7.4cm
  • Weighs 1.56kg

In the Box:

  • Zoom Livetrak L-8 digital mixer for podcast
  • TRRS cable
  • USB cable
  • AD-17 AC Adapter
  • Quick Start Guide





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