Laowa 24mm T14 2X Peri Probe Lens (Cine) - Nikon Z

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Laowa 24mm T14 2X Peri Probe Lens (Cine) - Nikon Z

This Laowa 24mm T14 2x Peri Probe Lens is a combination of the Laowa 24mm Probe lens with an addition, namely a tube with a periscope, with which you can create even more creativity in your macro photos. You can give the periscope a 90° or 0° viewing angle and rotate it 360° along its axis. The Peri Probe lens can be moved up or down to provide a periscope perspective. This way you can easily reach areas that are high or low to the ground.

The lens itself offers an 85° angle of view. The short focusing distance of two centimetres provides a nice 'bug-eye' perspective and the 2x magnification allows you to capture subjects of different sizes in detail. The coupling mechanism can be used to unlock the orientation ring for perspective adjustment and various movement movements. There is also a direct view module that allows you to easily switch between the periscope and probe perspective.

The Peri Probe lens has a wider perspective than other tele-macro lenses. The0 aperture range starts from T14 to T40, providing a greater depth of field at close range. This Peri Probe is designed for full-frame cameras. Users of APS-C and Micro Four Thirds cameras can also use the lens by using the optional Laowa 0.7x focal reducer. The perspective of the lens is maintained by reducing the crop factor of the APS-C and M43 sensors, while the aperture is increased to f/10.

Like the Probe lens, the Peri Probe lens is dust- and waterproof so you can shoot objects in puddles, lakes and sandy areas. At the front of the tube there is a thread to which you can attach accessories, such as lights or a stabilisation point. This lens also has good image quality. This is due to the different lens elements, such as an extra-low dispersion and an extra refractive index element. This prevents aberrations and produces images that are clear, sharp and true to life.

Features of the Laowa 24mm T14 2X Peri Probe Lens (Cine) - Nikon Z

  • Special macro lens; the world in insect perspective
  • Features a Periscope with 90° to 0° viewing angle
  • rotate 360° around axis
  • Switching easily between perspectives
  • The lens is shaped like a long 'loop
  • Waterproof tube at the front
  • Full-frame compatible (with Focal Reducer for APS-C and Micro Four Thirds)
  • Large depth of field
  • Attachment point for accessories

Package contents

  • Laowa 24mm T14 2X Peri Probe Lens (Cine) - Nikon Z





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Warranty period24 monthsGeneral
Fixed focal length (mm)24.0Focal point
Minimum focal length (mm)24.0Focal point
Maximum focal length (mm)24.0Focal point
Fixed focal pointJaFocal point
Number of aperture bladesAperture
Maximum aperture (f)14.0Aperture
Minimum aperture (f)Aperture
Weight (in grams)770.00Size & packaging
Length (mm)248.0Size & Packaging
Max. viewing angle (degrees)85.0Lens & Zoom
Lens structure (elements/groups)Lens system
LensmountNikon ZTechnical specs
Dust & splash proofJaTechnical specs
Suitable for full frameJaTechnical specsIs the lens suitable for use on a camera with a full-frame sensor?
Magnification factorZoom & Stabilisation