Sony Animal Eye Autofocus

Sony Animal Eye Auto Focus

Always sure of focussed eyes with animals

Sony has the feature that gives you, as a videographer, the ability to focus on your pets' eyes, but it doesn't stop there! You can also focus on the eyes of wildlife animals. Ideal if you are a huge fan of animals. The portraits you will make will never be the same with this feature.

Time to tell you a little more about the benefits, how it works and, of course, our opinion.

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How does it work?

Getting started! But then the first question marks start buzzing around your ears. Just how does this feature work? How do I get the latest version on my camera? We're going to present you with a short and sweetly guide, so from now on you will always take beautiful photos of all animals. The software is available through a software update, and various models have this feature as standard.

You can find a special setting in the menu for subject recognition for animals. Select in the menu 'Face/Eye AF settings'. Now choose the animals option. Eye recognition for animals is activated instantly when you press the shutter button halfway. When you do this, a green box will immediately appear around the animal's eye and, click!

Animal Eye Auto Focus benefits

You always capture the animals in focus, even when they run by, or jump up at the last minute.

When you use this feature on an Alpha camera, you can capture animals from a different perspective.

The feature can even be used when you're photographing in an environment where other subjects are in the photo, or even partly in front of the subject. Think of a window frame, plants or toys.

The still photography feature works well with the Animal eye AF. So you can also capture those unexpected moments.

Even with unpredictable puppies, you can produce perfectly clear images, thanks to the wide autofocus range in combination with the feature.

Cameras with Animal Eye Auto Focus possibility

A large part of Sony's cameras now includes this feature. We're make it even easier for you, and we're listing it.

Sony A7 IV

Sony ZV-E10

Sony Alpha 1

Sony A7C

Sony A7S III

Sony A9 II

Sony A6600

Sony A6100

Sony A9

Sony A7R IV A

Sony A7R III A

Sony A7 III

Sony A6400

Sony RX100 VII

Sony RX10 IV

Animal Eye Auto Focus results

To give you more of an idea, we have listed images for you where the animal eye autofocus has been applied. Whether the animals you want to capture move or lie still, it doesn't matter. In addition, you have all the freedom to choose your favourite animals. Because whether you like to photograph your pet or prefer wild animals, the feature applies to all animals you can think of.  

Innovation award

Sony's Animal Eye Auto Focus has won the EISA Photo Innovation 2019-2020! Sony is highly appreciated by both hobbyists and professionals alike. The improved Real-time Eye AF and Real-time Animal Eye AF focus precisely on the eyes of a person or an animal. Photographers can even choose the object's favourite eye (left or right) as the focal point. The AI-driven technology provides accurate and reliable tracking for moving objects. Thanks to the continuous autofocus function, the Real-time Eye AF continues to focus on a moving object, even when part of the face is temporarily darkened, or one looks away from the camera. This technology was also first applied in a smartphone on Sony's Xperia 1.

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