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Best tripod for nature photography

A tripod supports your camera and holds it steady when taking images. This is why most photographers have a tripod in their equipment. For taking macro photos or travel videos, you need another kind of tripod than when taking landscape photos. Wondering which tripod is best suited for you? We would be happy to give you a hand!

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In macro photography, the slightest vibration or movement can cause blur. That's why you want a stable tripod that also gets low to the ground. A tripod without a centre column can easily be held close to the ground. There are also tripods with an inverted centre column and tripods where you can mount the centre column crosswise on the legs.

The Vanguard Alta Pro 263AB 100 aluminium tripod is considered by many to be the best tripod for macro photography. The central column can be used in an incredibly flexible way! This aluminium tripod features the MACC system. This allows you to rotate and fix the centre column in all positions. The legs can be opened extremely wide, bringing the tripod to about 30 cm above the ground. A level is included in the ball head, as straight photos are important in macro photography. This tripod has a load capacity of up to 7 kg and therefore heavier DSLR cameras can also be attached to this tripod. With a maximum height of 173.4 cm, the tripod is not only suitable for (extra) tall people, but also for landscape photography!

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For landscape photography, it is wise to choose a sturdy but lightweight tripod. Often you will also need to walk some way to take stunning (panorama) photos of landscapes. Today we see tripods in two types of materials: aluminium and carbon fibre. Aluminium is a light metal, making it extremely suitable for a tripod. But... carbon fibre is even lighter so even more convenient if you carry a tripod for longer distances. One small downside, however, is that the carbon fibre tripod will cost more than an aluminium tripod. But if you're out and about all day, it's definitely worth the money.


Benro FIT29AIH1 ITRIP statief

The Benro FIT29AIH1 ITRIP tripod weighs only 1.6 kg and is just 41.5 cm when folded. Doesn't sound too bad does it? You can extend this tripod to 154.5 cm and at its smallest just under 42 cm high. A camera up to 6 kg can be mounted on this tripod. You can easily fit and remove the camera by means of the convenient quick-release plate. You can link one of the tripod's arms to make it a monopod. As a landscape photographer, this is a plus, because it gives you even more stability in areas with uneven ground or in very small spaces, for example.

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Gitzo GT3543LS long series 3

Want the very best and not worried about the budget? Then the GITZO GT3543LS EXACT CARBON SYSTEMATIC LONG SERIES 3 is definitely the one for you. This tripod is made of carbon fibre and has a load capacity of up to 25 kg, ideal for heavier equipment. When you fold this tripod, the tripod is just 57 cm high and only weighs 2.03 kg. The legs of this tripod contain four sections that you secure with a rotary lock. Thanks to the stable feet, strong legs and material, this tripod is also stable in wind gusts and other rougher weather conditions. Perfect for your beautiful lightning photos.

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What do you always take with you when you travel? A tripod, of course! Sunsets, the northern lights, caves, waterfalls, ancient buildings and so on A tripod when travelling is an indispensable aid for long exposure times or poor weather conditions. Make sure you have a compact, sturdy, but lightweight tripod with you. A tripod that you can easily operate and that has a good ball head so you can quickly switch between portrait and landscape format.

The Peak Deisgn travel tripod is available in aluminium (1.54 kg), as well as in carbon fibre (1.27 kg). Despite being so light, this tripod still has a load capacity of up to 9 kg. You can use it down to a minimum of 14 cm high and approximately up to a maximum of 153 cm high, because it can go so low to the ground it is also suitable for macro photography. This tripod scores high on ease of use. With the click system there is no need to slide open the legs one by one, do you still need to adjust something? Then, of course, you can adjust the legs. You can easily attach your camera to this tripod with a quick-release plate and are you in some less-than-perfect weather conditions? No worries, this tripod is completely weatherproof.

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