Nikon Zo-mount

Nikon Z-serie 

Your search for a new camera is almost over. You have already made the first choice: you would like a new Nikon camera. We are therefore happy to explain the advantages and features of Nikon's Z-series.

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The Nikon Z-series can be recognised by the Z-mount. This mount comes with many advantages for you as a content creator. Whether you get into photography, videography or maybe both, it doesn't matter. Everyone can work with the Z-mount.

High resolution with edge-to-edge sharpness

The images you can take with the Z-mount are razor-sharp from edge to edge. The high image quality is due to the diameter of the Z-mount and the shorter lens distance between the body and the lens. As a result, photos are sharper and contain more detail.

Pioneering optical performance

Thanks to the ARNEO coating on Z-series lenses, image shadows and flare are significantly reduced. Thanks to this anti-reflection layer, light falling vertically on the lens reflects a lot less. Combined with Nano Crystal Coat, clear and sharp images with minimal ghosting and flare can be reliably captured, even when there is a light source in the image.

Optimal video performance with minimal focus breathing

The combination of multiple AF control mechanisms controls the position of focus groups accurately and quickly. This ensures optimal performance with minimal focus breathing even when shooting video.

Advantages of the Z-series

The Z-mount captures more light, providing high-quality images.

Fantastic ergonomics with deep grip.

The bodies are compact, lightweight, splash-proof and user-friendly.

You can combine the Z-mount with NIKKOR Z lenses that provide razor-sharp images.

Thanks to the FTZ adapter, the Z-mount can also be combined with all existing NIKKOR F lenses without losing quality.

The Z-series is perfect for shooting videos.

The high-resolution OLED electronic viewfinder provides a clear and sharp natural image.

The Z-series shoots silently, so you can capture important moments without disturbing them.

The Z-series cameras keep getting better thanks to regular software updates.

With fast eye and animal detection AF, you always shoot sharp.

Nikon Zo-mount