Jinbei Delicacy D-200 Studio Flash Kit De Luxe

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Jinbei Delicacy D-200 Studio Flash Kit De Luxe

The D-200 Studio Flash Kit Deluxe is a comprehensive set which has all the items necessary to get you started with an excellent flash set up. The included bag, with dimensions of 71x25x25 cm, provides space for all your equipment, so you can easily take it on location.

The kit includes

  • D-200 Digital Flash Head (3x)
  • D2-60 Octagonal Softbox
  • D2-50x70 Softbox
  • D2 Accessories
  • TR-A8 Digital Trigger
  • SJ-190 Aluminum Light Stand (3x)
  • Compact Kit Bag

D-200 Flash Head

The Delicacy D-200 Studio Flash head is a compact but powerful digital flash head, designed specifically for amateur photographers. The flash head can be used in combination with various accessories including barndoors and colour filters.

The D-200 flash head is easy to operate and provides a stable power and colour temperature. This can be set from 1/1 to 1/32 6 f-stops. The stable performance ensures that the D-200 flash head works flawlessly even with continuous flashes. You can use the flash for a wide range of subjects including product photography, portrait photography and capturing everyday moments.


The D2 softboxes ensure better distribution of light. The front coating acts as diffuser in order to illuminate your subject without hot spots. The softbox is easy to assemble and in this set you will receive a rectangular softbox (size 50 x 70 cm) and an octagonal softbox (diameter 60 cm), both of which can be used in conjunction with the Jinbei D-200 and D-250 flash heads.


The included accessory kit includes barndoors, a honeycomb filter and 4 colour filters (red, white, yellow, blue).

TR-A8 Digital Trigger

The TR-A8 trigger has 16 independent channels and can be used up to a distance of about 30 metres. The trigger has a hotshoe connection and runs on two AAA batteries. In this battery compartment you will find the settings for the channels.

Aluminium Light Stand

  • The aluminium light stand consists of three parts
  • Length folded: 71 mm
  • Minimum height: 845 mm
  • Maximum height: 1900 mm
  • Maximum load: 3 kg


Since Jinbei was established in 1995 the company has specialized in developing high-quality studio flash, flash kits and accessories. The products of Jinbei have over the years won several awards. The Jinbei flash heads and sets are very affordable, bringing studio photography within reach for many more people . Because the flash heads are cheaper it does not mean that they are inferior to more expensive alternatives. Jinbei flash products guarantee a great result.

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Jinbei Delicacy D-200 Studio Flash Kit De Luxe
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Jinbei Delicacy D-200 Studio Flash Kit De Luxe

Jinbei Delicacy D-200 Studio Flash Kit De Luxe


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