Tiffen 67mm Circular Polarizing

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Tiffen 67mm Circular Polarizing

Polarizers provide colour and contrast enhancement. Reflected light often shows up as whitish glare that washes out colour in an image. A Polarizer corrects this problem producing deep, dramatically blue skies. It also removes glare from non-metallic surfaces, such as windows and water. Colour saturation in general, especially outdoors, can be improved significantly.

There are two different polarizing filters, a circular and a linear filter. Linear filters are less expensive and more effective than circular filters. However, you need a circular polarizing filter if you have a camera with through the lens metering or autofocus. Otherwise you must disable one or both functions.


  • Essential general-use outdoor color filter
  • Produces deeper and more dramatic skies and minimizes reflections in black and white and color photography
  • Can be rotated to achieve desired effect
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Tiffen 67mm Circular Polarizing
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