Filming with drones

Filming with drones

10 tips for filming with a drone

We all know it, those beautiful aerial video images of your own surroundings or your favourite city. Of course, these were made with drones. If you want to create impressive video footage with your drone yourself, check out our 10 tips for filming with a drone below.


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1. Translate your vision into shots

Of course, the temptation is to start filming right away, but it is wiser to work out your ideas in advance in the form of a shot list. This is how you turn your vision into a concrete plan. Moreover, with this shot list, you make it immediately clear what story you are going to tell. While filming, you have an elaborate concept, and you can always improvise.

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2. Take enough extras with you

In addition to making a shot list, it is important to carry plenty of extras, think of batteries, propellers and memory cards. It doesn't hurt to have a small laptop and portable hard drive with you when you travel, for example. Then you can view and save your images immediately. Also, consult regulations and no-fly zones in advance..


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3. Use the camera directions

It seems like an obvious tip, yet many creators overlook it. Most pilots point their drone's camera forward while other directions can provide new perspectives. For example, point the camera downward to bring interesting lines and patterns to the foreground.

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4. Extend your shots

Nothing is worse than finding out in post-processing that a beautiful shot has become unusable because there is not enough opportunity for a transition in the next shot. Therefore, always hold shots for an additional 3 seconds. Viewers also find longer drone shots enjoyable to watch because they have a lot of information to absorb.

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5. Avoid rushed movements

Another disadvantage for post-processing is a shot with hurried movements. This is often caused because as a pilot you discover a different perspective while flying. Drone footage, on the other hand, is characterised by quiet, smooth movements. Therefore, make these with your drone's flight path or use panning for calm images.

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6. Use objects for depth

Use objects in the foreground to create depth and convey movement. Large objects in particular cause the subject to separate from the background. For example, fly close to a mountain to emphasize the depth of the valley. Just make sure it remains safe for you and those around you and that you can't damage your drone.

7. Use see-throughs

Use fly-through shots where you fly through an object. This is how you take the audience on a journey with you. See-throughs are perfect for this. Note that these types of shots can be complicated. A fly-through shot comes across as cinematic and gives your video a professional look. For more cinematic shots for drone videos, check out this page..

8. Fly backwards

Flying backwards with your drone allows you to reveal a subject. So you don't focus on a single detail, but zoom out, as it were, to bring a bigger picture into view. If flying backwards is still a bit complicated for you, you can of course also choose to manipulate the images in post-processing so that it looks as if the drone is flying backwards.


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9. Accelerate

Sometimes, with larger landscape elements, such as waterfalls and mountains, drone images can come across a bit slower on the screen than you initially expected. To make sure the viewer doesn't get bored, you can speed up the images in post-processing to as much as 300 in the playback speed settings. This way, you add more movement.

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10. Use sound

Add sound effects and music to your video footage in post-processing. Look for sound effects and music that can enhance your images without distracting the viewer. Sound should complement the video. For example, include the sound of flowing water among images of a waterfall to provide viewers with a full experience.

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